Katchey Company Limited

Alphabetical Listing of Products


Absorption Towers, Traps & Tubes; Adapters; Aerosols; Analytical Balances; Anemometers; Aprons; Aspirators; Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (Aas); Autoclaves & Accessories


Bags – Safety, Disposable, Sterilisation & More; Balance Accessories & Weights; Balances; Bases; Basins; Baskets; Beakers; Bench Protection; Biohazard Bags; Biohazard Disposal Containers; Blenders; Block Heaters; Boats; Body Fluid Spillage Kits; Bossheads; Bottles, Caps & Carriers; Buckets; Buffer Solutions; Bunsen Burners; Burettes; Burners; Butyrometers; Baths – Shaking, Ultrasonic, Heated, Unheated, Refrigerated, Circulators, Coolers, Chillers, Linear, Orbital Shaking, Stirred, Unstirred, Boiling, Duo, Analogue, Digital And Bath Accessories


Cabinets; Calculators; Calibration Weights; Centrifuge Tubes & Vessels; Centrifuges; Chairs; Chemicals, Chromatography Equipment – Thin Layer Chromatography,  Gas Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Vials, Columns, Syringes & Accessories; Circulators; Clamps; Cleaning Supplies & Fluids; Cling Film; Clocks; Cloud And Pour Point Analyser; Colony Counters; Colorimeters; Columns; Condensers; Conductivity Meters; Containers; Controllers; Cork; Corning Equipment; Corian Worktops; Cotton Wool; Counters; Crucibles; Cryogenics Equipment; Crystallising Basins; Cups; Cupboards; Cuvettes; Cylinders


Data Loggers; Deacon Detergents; Deionisers; Density Meters; Deionisers; Desiccators; Detergents; Diluters; Dippers; Dishes; Disinfectants; Dispensers; Disposable Equipment; Dissection Equipment; Dissolved Oxygen Meters; Distillation Equipment; Draining Racks; Drawer Unit; Drying Ovens & Cabinets; Duran Bottles


Epoxy Resin Worktops; Electrophoresis Equipment; Energy Regulators; Evaporating Basins; Evaporators; Extraction Glassware Assemblies; Extraction Mantles; Extraction Thimbles; Eye Protection


Face Shields; Filtration Equipment; Fast Protein Liquid Chromatograph; Flasks – Glass, Plastic & Accessories; Flow Indicators; Flame Photometer; Flowmeters; Fluorimeters; Foil; Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectrophotometer; Freeze Dryers; Freezers; Fridges; Fume Cabinets; Funnels & Accessories; Furnaces; Furniture


Gas Accessories; Gas Chromatograph; Gas Chromatograph /Mass Spectrometer; Gas Detection; Gas Generators; Gauges; Gauzes; Gel Documentation Systems; Gel Electrophoresis; Gloves; Goggles


Haemocytometers; Hand Protection; Heaters; Heating Mantles; Homogenisers; Hotplates; HPLC; Humidity; Hybridisation Accessories & Chambers; Hydrometers; Hygiene Supplies; Hygrometers


Ice Buckets; Ice Makers; Incubators; Indicators; Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer; Industrial Scales; Infra-Red Spectrophotometer; Ion Chromatograph; Inoculating Loops;


Jacks; Jars; Jerrycans; Jugs


Kits for First Aid, Kjeldahl Distillation & Flasks;


Labelling Supplies; Labels; Laboratory Coats; Lamps; Lens Cleaning Tissues; Loops & Accessories; Liquid Chromatograph /Mass Spectrometer;


Magnetic Followers; Magnifiers; Marble Worktops; Markers; Mats; Measuring Implements; Melamin Worktops; Melting Point Apparatus; Mercury Spill Clean-Up Kits; Meters; Microscopes; Microscope Accessories; Mills, Mixers; Mobile Laboratories – Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology; Moisture Analysers; Moisture Balances; Moisture Vaporiser; Mortars & Pestles; Multiwell Plates; Mycotoxins – Aflatoxins, DON (Vomitoxin), Fumonisins, ZON (Zearalenone), Ochratoxin, T2/HT2 Toxin, Patulin, Ergot Alkaloids, Melamine, Food Allergens, Drug Residues, GMO, Rapid Tests, Immune-Affinity Columns, Reference Materials


Near Infra-Red Spectrophotometer; Needles; Neoprene Tubing; Nitrile Gloves; Nitrogen Gas Generators


Oil Baths; Oil Pumps; Orbital Shakers; Ovens; Overhead Stirrers


Palintest (Water Testing); Paper Products; Pencils & Pens; Petri Dishes; Ph & Reference Electrodes; Ph Buffers; Ph Meters; Photometers; Pipette Fillers; Pipette Tips; Pipette Accessories & Bulbs; Pipettors; Plasters (First Aid); Plastic Laminate Worktops; Platform Scales; Laboratory Plumbing – Gas And Water; Polarimeters; Porcelain; Power Supply Network; Protective Clothing; Pumps; Pyrex Products


Qualitative & Quantitative Papers; Quartz Cuvettes; Quick Fit;


Racks; Radiation Protection; Razors; Reaction Vessels; Receiving Flasks; Recorder Accessories; Refractometers; Refrigeration; Regulators; Respirators; Rods; Rotary Evaporators; Rubber Policemen; Rules


Safety Ware & Equipment; Safety Cabinets; Salt In Crude Anlyser; Sampling Equipment; Sand Baths; Scalpels; Scissors; Scissors; Scoops; Sealing Materials; Seekers; Shakers – Orbital, Reciprocating, Rockers, Gyrators; Sieves; Silicone Oils; Slides; Spatulas; Safety Spectacles; Spectrometers – Photometer, Biophotometer, Ultra Violet, Visible, Uv-Visible, Atomic Absorption, Single Beam, Double Beam, Single Bandwidth, Variable Bandwidth, Scanning, Infra-Red, Near Infra-Red, Software, Auto Samplers & Accessories; Spillage Equipment; Spreaders; Staining Troughs; Stands; Stainless Steel Worktops; Stationary; Stick Meters; Stirrers; Stools; Stop Clocks; Stopcocks; Stoppers; Stopwatches; Storage Cabinets; Storage Equipment; Swabs; Syringes


Tally Counters; Tanks; Tapers; Taps; Test Tubes; Thermal Cyclers; Thermometers; Tiles; Timers; Tips; Tissue Culture Equipment; Titrators; Tongs; Total Acid Number (TAN) Analyser; Transportation Cases; Trays; Trespa  - Athlon, Top-Lab-Plus Worktops; Triangles; Tripod Stands; Trolleys; Troughs; Tubes; Tubing; Turbidity Meters; Turbidity Standards


Ultrapure Water Systems; Ultrasonic Baths & Accessories; Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatograph; UV Accessories; UV/Vis Spectrophotometer


Vacuum – Pumps, Seals, Controllers & Accessories; Valves; Vials; Viscometers; Viscosity Baths; Volumetric Flasks


Wash Bottles; Washing Machines; Waste Supplies; Waste Containers; Watch Glasses; Water Baths; Water Purification Equipment; Water  Sampling & Testing Equipment Supplies; Weighing Boats; Weighing Bottles; Weighing Funnels; Weighing Scoops; Weights & Calibration; Wipes

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