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spectroscopic techniques have come to be regarded as attractive and promising
analytical tools for analyses conducted in research, control or industrial laboratories. These techniques are increasingly considered by analysts as an
obvious solution and our excellent team is ready to enable your team to get results. Scientists helping scientists.

Thermo Fisher ICE 3500 AAS

A unique dual atomizer AAS with standard or Zeeman furnace option. Essential furnace vision tool for simple instrument optimization. Ideal for high through put environments.

  • Software-controlled switching between flame and furnace analysis
  • Unique Quadline deuterium background correction.
  • High precision with double beam optics.
  • Echelle monochromator producing low detection limits.
  • Long term analytical stability.
Thermo-fisher ICE 3500 AAS
Thermo-fisher ICP-MS

Thermo Fisher ICP-MS

The iCP-MS mass spectrometer is designed for direct analyses of liquid samples and can be coupled to further devices for analyses of gases or solid aerosols.
Three models are available: iCAP Qa, iCAP Qc and iCAP Qs.

Lead Analysis 78%
Cost 85%
User Friendly Software 95%
Quality Technical Support 90%

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