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Spectroscopy & Chromatography Equipment

Analytical Instruments

Analytical lab instrumentation includes those used within spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, electrochemical analysis, thermal analysis, separation analysis, microscopy, and the various hybrid technologies (e.g. GC-MS and HPLC-MS).

Examples of analytical instruments include mass spectrometers, chromatographs (e.g. GC and HPLC), titrators, spectrometers (e.g. AAS, X-ray, and fluorescence), particle size analyzers, rheometers, elemental analyzers (e.g. salt analyzers, CHN analyzers), thermal analyzers, and more.

Lab Apparatus, Measurement & Balances

General Laboratory Equipment

Your laboratory needs depend on the requirements of the laboratory work you are doing. However, the staple, workhouse general lab equipment you will need includes pipettes, scales, centrifuges, Bunsen burners, freezers, hot plates, incubators, coolers, stirrers, water baths, and fume hoods, etc. Katchey is your one-stop-shop solution for them all.

Chemicals & Reagents

Laboratory Chemicals & Reagent

Buy the best quality chemical supplies for all your needs. Bulk Packing Options Available. Pure, Extra Pure, Purified commercial reagents useful in general laboratory applications.  With storage facility provision. Hassle-free delivery. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

We stock a wide range of products ranging from Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Reagent, Media, Stain & Indicator Solution, Solvents & Acid, etc.

Glassware & Safety Gears

Laboratory Consumables

We stock all protective equipment needed in the laboratory eg fume hoods, first aid kits, safety showers, eye goggles, laboratory coats, fire extinguishers, etc.

We are also your global premium supplier for laboratory equipment accessories and consumables of world-leading manufacturers. Glasswares and diverse laboratory test kits.

Medical Diagnostics Instruments

A correct diagnosis leads to correct treatment. Our diagnostic tools help you to help others. We have a wide range of diagnostic equipment and products including stethoscopes and sphygmomanometer, Pulse Oximeters, Reflex Hammers/Tuning Forks, Otoscopes, Opthalmoscopes, Thermometers, X-Ray Viewers, etc.

Choose from a wide range of high-quality medical diagnostics equipment for monitoring blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, weight, and more. Products include scales, stethoscopes, Dopplers, and ultrasound, X-ray, and imaging equipment.

Mycotoxins & Drug Standards

Reference Standards

We stock diverse reference standards which serve as the basis of evaluation for both process and product performance and are the benchmarks for the assessment of purity & potency for compounds.

Classes of reference standards we have are mycotoxins, drug, pesticides and microbial (life organisms) standards.

Teaching Aids, Robotics & STEM Lab. Products

Digital Educational Science Laboratory Solutions

Whatever needs you have for digitizing the education of your students, Katchey has got you covered. Explore the world of Katchey digital educational science laboratory solutions to meet your STEM, Robotics or Teaching Aid needs!

Shop STEM Classroom supplies and products designed to immerse students in the principles of science, technology, engineering, and math from Katchey ..

Get Hands-On Experience

Demo Laboratory

Katchey independent laboratory services provide a full range of working-class laboratory services when your organization has no dedicated laboratory or simply needs to conduct research and tests for quality assurance or validation. We maintain an ultra-modern digital laboratory complex that offers the full complement of equipment and personnel to conduct the best laboratory test engagements.

Bio-environmental Monitoring Equipment & Consumables

In recent years, the use of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) in the detection and bio-monitoring of environmental pollution is gaining importance. Katchey is poised to meet your needs for bioassays, whether general bioassays, cell biological assays, molecular biological assays or biosensors.