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We are a diverse team of young, exceptionally talented individuals.

We have the smartest minds working relentlessly to ensure we deliver the best quality product to our customers. Whether you are in your early-career, mid-career or late-career stage, we have something for you! You too can be a part of our movement and help us lift transform the scientific landscape in Africa!

Why Katchey?

Young talents are frustrated working in organizations that do not value their talent, do not enable them to rapidly grow, or enable them to meaningfully impact the world. We understand that frustration and at Katchey, we have built an organization where young talents are rewarded for their impact, can rapidly grow in their career and wake up every day knowing they are changing the world, as part of the earth’s highest impact business.

You will work with exceptionally brilliant minds and thought leaders with the opportunity to forge an awesome career path. You will also have the opportunity to explore new terrains and try out new fields through our job rotation program.

Work at Katchey is challenging and very rewarding. You get to do some high-quality work, amongst the best experts in the industry. Our team members enjoy the extensive opportunities to learn and grow, whether you work at the client end, or you are one of the many professionals that power our back-end operations.

That’s why we’ve coined the statement that fun & science have never mixed better before Katchey.
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Who We Are

We are lucky to have a super-passionate and committed team who have set the standard for how we work every day, enabling us to dramatically scale our impact. Building on our core values, we have developed a set of principles to guide our behaviors and actions individually as a person and collectively as a team.


Our Recruitment Process

  1. Apply – Apply for any of our open positions or simply send us your CV for review.
  2. Take our assessments – Once your application is received, we will send you a unique link to take our online test.
  3. Get interviewed – You will be invited for a chat with a member of our leadership team, to get to know you better.
  4. Receive an offer – We will reach out with an offer if you are selected!

Katchey Global Internship Program

Are you a top talent? We are constantly looking out for qualified, motivated applicants, who will utilize the opportunities offered by this position to a global equipment, outsourcing and logistics firm.

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