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Laboratory Services

Our team of experienced Engineers design full-scale laboratories of various types from ideation to execution and also upgrade existing laboratories into desired state-of-the-art laboratories.


  • A world-class laboratory suited to your needs.
  • We develop floor layouts for laboratory furniture, equipment and ancillary services to meet the required demand.
  • Probable challenges arising from inadequate/poorly designed services like leakages, breakages, structural defects, pollution, waste disposal which are not cost-effective are considerably minimized or removed.
  • Supply and installation of laboratory furniture with work-top types to meet different laboratory applications and needs.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Katchey’s win-win partnership approach of consolidating the customers’ entire laboratory requirements with her manufacturing partners, creating enormous value and benefits in the areas of Cost reduction, Lead time Optimization and Quality Assurance.

With the aid of strategic warehousing facilities, Katchey will hold stock of periodic requirements of her customers’ laboratories and replenish as they are depleted. This eradicates downtimes in laboratory processes while preventing undue exposure & frustrations that arise from the use of sub-standard and adulterated chemicals and consumables.

Independent Analytical Laboratory

Katchey Laboratories Limited is an independent analytical laboratory complex which provides testing, certification and inspections services to customers, from raw materials testing, through R&D and product development phases, to finished products presented for quality assurance and certification before release into trade.

Our ISO certified and internationally accredited Laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies in Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Genetic Analyzers, real-time and end-point PCR Systems, amongst many others, guaranteeing our test results, to enable our customers ensure the quality and safety of their products.

We serve industries which include Agricultural & Agrobusiness, Food & Beverage, Forensic, Government, Medical Diagnostic, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Research, etc.

Our Laboratory Services include:

  • Testing: Analytical
  • Training Services (GLP, cGMP, HACCP)
  • Research & Development
  • Method Development, Validation & Verification
  • Testing: Forensic & Biotechnology
  • Inspection
  • Certification
  • Consultancy

Katchey Laboratories Limited is equipped with latest technology in:


Life Sciences

Through our partnership with ThermoFisher, we offer innovative, high-quality products, which include Invitrogen and Thermo Scientific Pierce reagents, devices, and kits.

    Training & Customer Education

    Our training services portfolio is designed to rapidly equip and certify end users, as well as other forms of learners using practice-led teaching methodologies for knowledge transfer.

    Katchey’s customized training programs provide customers with the exact knowledge and tools they need to be effective at their work. Our collaboratively designed curriculum leverages unique elements of existing training while integrating Katchey’s industry leading best practice in knowledge and application.

    • Application Training
    • Hands-on Equipment Training
    • Quality Management System (QMS)
    • Separation Techniques
    • Technical Equipment End-User Training
    • HACCP
    • cGMP
    • GLP
    • Bespoke Training


    Our advisory services team helps customers with visioning and designing scientific solutions to complex scientific business requirements. From engineering designs to solution designs, our highly qualified consultants use bespoke methodologies to review each customer’s scenario and come up with custom solution recommendations, from business models to technical build-to-order documentation that meets the unique scientific application needs of our clients. 

    Under this service, our consultants also help customers to design new or customize existing reference standards at par with global standards of quality, on a wide array of application areas. This service helps customers to create the right vision of an intended outcome or possibilities, then enables them to see a possible scope and possible resource requirements before commitment.

    Engineering And Technical Support Services

    Our world class engineering & product support services are designed to assist our customers to fully optimize the use of the Laboratory equipment we supply to them.

    We leverage on the vast experience of our dynamic, highly motivated, and well-trained Engineers as well as numerous certificated training they received from our manufacturing partners around the world to ensure that our customers get maximum value for their money.


    • Project Scoping and Specification,
    • Equipment Installation, verification, repairs, maintenance, calibration, qualification and validation.
    • Hardware, and software operational trainings.
    • Well designed, well equipped, and optimally operational laboratory.
    • Continuous product support.
    • Refresher operational trainings.
    • Post equipment installation checks and supports.
    • Robust maintenance agreement with emergency callouts.
    • Advice on new products and obsolescence status to enable customers take appropriate decision on investment.
    • Maximization of value realization on investment.
    • Prolonged Lifetime of the instruments.
    • Reduction of Equipment downtime to the barest minimum.
    • Optimization of the instrument operations.
    • Operational competence and confidence of Laboratory personnel.

    Laboratory Supply Chain & Logistics

    Katchey provides logistics support for international shipments, including coordination of international freight movement, customs clearance, processing of applicable duties and taxes, and delivery from port of import to Katchey facilities and/or customers’ locations.

    We also offer professional handling of controlled substances and cold-chain products from source to destination.

    We offer pickup and delivery services from and to our customer’s operational sites.

    Services provided include:
    • Order Processing
    • Regional Support
    • Warehousing
    • Transport Logistics
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Medical Equipment and Supplies
    • Special Freight Handling

    Schools Digital Science Laboratory Initiative

    Katchey’s objective is to see major actors in the education sector develop capacity and the enabling resources to meet the needs of the future. Enabling their students to compete with other students from different parts of the world.


    • Encourage government and international development organisations to invest in more knowledge-based science education and revamping the science curriculum.
    • Provide a robust STEM Education infrastructure so that students and teachers can easily perform experiments and improve their problem-solving skills as needed by the technology-enabled world.
    • Support the education ministry in developing a modern technology-led education curriculum.
    • Partner with education and technology companies that produce STEM tools to ensure that African schools have access and are equipped.
    • Provide after-service support and train teachers to adequately and effectively use these technologies.

    STEM Initiative

    Science education in Africa is falling behind when compared with the rest of the world. The African Development Bank has reported that less than 25% of African higher education students pursue science-related career fields, with more students pursuing social sciences and humanities.

    Katchey partners with government, educational and international development institutions to provide a robust science education infrastructure so that students and teachers can easily perform experiments and improve their problem-solving skills as needed by the technology-enabled world.

    The major objectives that Katchey wants to help achieve in STEM Education include:

    • Developing a solid knowledge base among students and enhancing their interest in Science, Technology and Mathematics.
    • Strengthening students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills.
    • Nurturing the creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills of students by providing the appropriate tools.

    Laboratory Design, Construction, Setup & Equipping Services

    Our team of experienced engineers design full-scope laboratory layouts to effectively utilize available space to suit various standard laboratory types. We can also redesign, repurpose, or upgrade existing laboratories as needed, to meet world class standards.

    Product Specification
    Working with the relevant persons in our customers’ organization to accurately specify the laboratory equipment, supplies and consumables they need to equip their laboratories to globally acceptable standards.
    Supply & Installation
    Supply & installation of laboratory furniture, equipment, and all other needed products, with validation and qualification services.
    Training of end-users to meet their various application needs
    Maintenance of all supplied equipment
    What The Customer Gets:
    • A World-Class Laboratory.
    • Probable challenges arising from inadequate/ poorly designed laboratories such as leakages, breakages, structural defects, pollution, wastages, etc are eradicated.
    • Equipment, supplies and services which are fit for purpose and budget are specified, supplied, installed and put to effective use.
    Benefits Of The Service:
    • Total laboratory solution in accordance with global best practices.
    • Short term & long-term cost saving advantages.
    • End user confidence in the use of equipment.
    • Reduction / elimination of wastages.


    Our laboratory is world class. thanks to Katchey. Our work is easier now and more comfortable laboratory environment.

    Laboratory Manager