Schools Digital Science Lab Initiative

Schools Digital Science Lab Initiative

Digital School
Science Laboratory

The Katchey School Digital Science Laboratory Initiative is designed to;
Ensure that schools have access to modern up-to-date digital laboratories.
Support schools with their science laboratory work and its applications to keep pace with technological advances.


    Digital science laboratory is fundamental to science education because it connects students, teachers, researchers, and partners to the ideas and projects in physical and virtual spaces. Much better than rote learning, the digital laboratories help the students repeat experiments for examinations
    Students who want to study science education are best taught, and learn better when theory is complemented with practicals in a good laboratory setting.

    What do you get as a school?

    Advice: A better understanding from our consultants, on the need for digital science laboratory experiences to be an integral part of the school science curriculum.

    Design: Katchey’s experienced laboratory consultants and engineers can help you design and set up a digital laboratory with the right tools and equipment.

    Supply of chemicals
    Training and education for the teachers
    Laboratory guide and standards for students