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Enabling STEM in Science Education:

The teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is a game changer for educational institutions worldwide and Katchey has dedicated resources to serve the needs of this vertical.


Junior Secondary School

The emphasis of science education at the junior (lower) secondary levels is to enhance students’ scientific thinking through learning activities that involve planning, designing, measuring, observing, evaluating procedures, examining evidence, and analyzing data. With the aid of Katchye’s equipment, laboratory guides and technologies, school science education provides learning experiences through which students acquire scientific literacy and develop scientific knowledge and understanding, processing skills, values, and attitudes to help them contribute to a scientific and technological world in the digital era.

Senior Secondary School

Our Senior Secondary Education resources focus on the core subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Earth Sciences.


Set-up of a modern digital science laboratory for Ijebu Muslim school.

Katchey company Limited designed and constructed a modern digital science laboratory complex for the Ijebu Muslim school, Ijebu Ode in Ogun State, Nigeria. This laboratory is equipped with instruments and teaching tools in line with the STEM curriculum, in conformity with 21st-century science education standards.


STEM Program Design

The first step to an effective STEM Education in your school or institution is having a program framework to implement and manage it. Our Program Framework development services constitute a functional compass for the STEM journey, especially when your institution is new to the concept. Our consultants and specialists guide academic institutions, from primary to tertiary levels, with the right set of curriculum development assistance for teaching STEM subjects. Katchey is the go-to solution provider for creating effective programs to teach Science Technology Engineering & Math for the 21st Century in academic institutions across sub-Saharan Africa.

STEM Readiness Assessment

An integral part of our work for academic institutions is helping them conduct STEM workforce readiness assessments, to determine how much work and investment are needed to embark on their STEM education journey. The net positive outcome is usually having teachers with the right knowledge of subject matter and pedagogical content knowledge relevant both to individual STEM subjects and to make connections between and among them.

Curriculum Development

Katchey has extensive resources to help academic institutions develop complete STEM Modules which include content, equipment, technology, practical experiments, and instructions, to help jump start a STEM program.

We work with schools to implement the right curriculum for STEM, including the design of instructional methods and aids that are student-centered. We offer a rich set of core STEM curriculums in Modules that can be taught at all levels of education.

STEM Teacher Development

We have found that what makes STEM work well in Africa is when schools and academic institutions invest in developing STEM literacy among teachers. Our services here are designed to help academic institutions achieve the dual purpose of increased STEM content knowledge and increased pedagogical content knowledge for STEM teachers.

STEM Education Equipment

STEM Education thrives well under the right learning environments. We support schools with the right equipment and gear to help them teach STEM better. The right fit between curriculum and teaching aids is what makes STEM Education work. Katchey specializes in helping schools determine and implement this right mix, no matter where you are on the STEM Education journey.

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