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Public Sector



When it comes to using science the public sector’s requirements can be diverse and multi-varying. Whether it is for policy creation, operationalizing of decisions, or regulation, Katchey has been partnering with governments at the Federal and State levels to inject standards in the use of science for governance and for improving the daily lives of citizens


Policy & Strategy Development & Implementation

Katchey collaborates extensively with governments in designing the right policy frameworks and implementation strategies for the development of science and the practice of science in different areas. Our experts have contributed opinions and submitted papers in various fora involving the private sector and their public sector counterparts. Katchey drives to get the relevant policy makers to upgrade to 21st Century science.

Standards Development & Implementation Services

Katchey works with governments at both state and federal levels to develop and promote standards for scientific education and research using Digital technology. This extends to helping governments translate scientific requirements from framework agreements into implementable guidelines for the science community to apply in day-to-day work

Equipment Supply, Installation & Maintenance Services

Katchey provides world class science laboratory solutions and support services that fit the entire value chain and assets lifecycle for organizations and individuals investing in different kinds of science laboratories, including educational, research, quality assurance & control and testing laboratories

Research & Technology Infrastructure Design & Development

Katchey provides complete technical solutions for laboratories and scientific research infrastructure supporting different public sector areas such as the health sector, agriculture, research, science & technology and education. Our design outputs are world-class and reflect the best practices for creating the right operating environments to effectively carry out accurate scientific analysis and research

Capacity Building Workshops, Clinics and Skill-Building Training

Training and Capacity building for policymakers and public sector representatives remain an area where Katchey has historically distinguished herself via the provision of extensive and varying types of skill-building programs that address the needs of government practitioners to help them keep abreast of developments in science and technology globally

CEO Katchey’s Perspective on Science & the public sector

Science improves the quality of life of every country’s Citizens. Public sector organizations who develop policy, implement same and enforce standards are instrumental to achieving this quality of life. Katchey has the capability to aid governments to better the lives of their citizens. This is a major part of our work.


National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control(NAFDAC)

Under the leadership of the late renowned DG of NAFDAC Prof. Dora Akunyili we identified gaps based on the needs analysis we conducted and launched catalytic and innovative solutions (installations, maintenance, repairs and training) with our team of experienced and internationally trained engineers.

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Public Sector
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