Personal Information



Education & Training

  • Education: :
    Madonna University, Anambra State
  • Experience :
    10+ years
  • Residency: :
  • Certifications: :
    Bachelor of Science
  • Practice Areas: :
    Business Administration


David is a passionate, competent, and versatile Human Resource Professional with over 14 years of experience spanning across HR strategy, employee engagement, strategic planning & implementation, team development & leadership, organizational development, compensation & benefits, and performance management, garnered from consulting, telecoms, healthcare, manufacturing, and construction firms.

He is a strategic professional who drives HR initiatives to realize bottom-line results in the pursuit of organizational objectives. He has aligned human resources to strategic business mandates, creating a motivating work environment for staff and as well retaining top talents.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pebble Hills University – USA, an MBA (in view) from the University of East London – UK, Diploma in Management from Lagos Business School, Certificates from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, and a Certificate in Strategy Development from Phillips Consulting Limited.

Work Experience & Skills

Human Resources 95%
Management 85%
Strategy 92%
Team Player 90%


He is professionally affiliated to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) with a valid HR Practitioner License, and a fellow of Chartered Institute of Management (CIM) Canada.

Peoples' Skill

He has a keen interest in the management and development of people and how they contribute to the achievement of business objectives.

Results Oriented

He is a strategic professional who drives HR initiatives to realize bottom-line results.