Katchey: Your Trusted Partner For Laboratory Consumables, Chemicals, Reagents, & Equipment From Merck, Sigma, Thermofisher & Other Leading Brands

In the world of science, accuracy and precision are the cornerstones of success. For scientists, researchers, and laboratory professionals in Nigeria, finding a trusted and authorized dealer for laboratory equipment, chemicals, and reagents is of utmost importance. Katchey proudly stands as your go-to destination, serving as the reliable local partner for international brands like Merck, Sigma, ThermoFisher, and more.

Through these partnerships, Katchey offers an extensive range of laboratory chemicals, reagents, and equipment sourced from Merck, Sigma, ThermoFisher, and other industry-leading brands. Whether you need chemicals for experiments, reagents for research, or equipment to outfit your lab, Katchey provides a comprehensive solution. Our diverse inventory ensures that you can conveniently find everything you need in one place.

When you choose Katchey as your supplier, you’re not simply making a purchase; you’re investing in the quality and reliability of your laboratory materials. All products are procured directly from manufacturers, ensuring they meet the highest quality control standards. Katchey’s unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that you receive top-tier products for your laboratory work.

Furthermore, the Katchey team comprises proficient professionals with extensive knowledge of laboratory chemicals, reagents, and equipment. They are well-prepared to offer expert guidance, technical support, and personalized recommendations to help you make informed decisions. Whether you have questions about product specifications or require assistance with selection, Katchey’s staff is a valuable resource.

Recognizing the crucial importance of timely deliveries in laboratory work, Katchey has streamlined the ordering and delivery process. They diligently work to ensure that your products reach you promptly. This efficiency is vital for keeping your research projects on track and on schedule.

When you select Katchey as your trusted source for laboratory chemicals, reagents, and equipment from Merck, Sigma, and ThermoFisher, you’re making a sound investment in the success of your scientific work. With a focus on quality, a diverse product range, expert staff, and exceptional customer service, Katchey is your ideal partner in the scientific community. Choose Katchey for your laboratory needs, and ensure your pursuit of scientific excellence is backed by genuine, high-quality products.

Katchey Laboratories: Bridging the gap between Nigerian manufacturers and the International Market through reliable and efficient Analytical testing.

The economic success stories from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea have shown that building a competitive manufacturing sector is the fastest way for a country to climb the productivity ladder and raise the living standards of citizens.

Nigerian entrepreneurs are faced with many hurdles – from numerous government taxes to providing electricity and water supply for their businesses. The production cost of running a sustainable business in Nigeria is ridiculously high. And relying solely on local distribution and customers is not sustainable for entrepreneurs who wish to scale their business

Economic development requires producing manufactured goods for export and not merely exporting raw materials.

What then do Nigerian manufacturers need to penetrate the International market?

Quality! Nigerian products must meet up with international standards and regulations to enable cross-border export. Katchey Laboratories, Nigeria’s first ANAB-certified Analytical Laboratory is now available to offer analytical testing solutions here in Ikeja, Lagos.

With these developments, Nigerian businesses no longer have to deal with the uncertainty and high cost of sending samples abroad for analysis. Speaking to some local manufacturers about this new facility in Lagos, they expressed the challenges they had to pass through to send samples abroad for analysis. One described how a sample he spent $1000 to transport to Singapore for analysis was returned because the sample got compromised during transit.

Katchey promises fast, reliable, and quality analytical testing solutions. Equipped with world-class analytical instruments including HPLC, FTIR, NMR, AAS and so many more, Katchey is more than capable of competing with SGS and Bureau Veritas.

A visit to the Analytical Laboratory Facility in Lagos showed that the company is ready to deliver on the quality they promised. The company runs a 24hour solar power supply, has the best talents in the industry and the most sophisticated equipment I’ve ever seen.

It’s a new dawn for Nigerian entrepreneurs across manufacturing, agribusinesses, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, genomics and research scholars.